Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: Plums

While camping this weekend Brent introduced Stella to her first red plum.... and....... I think it may have been love at first taste,

Yummy Plum.....

Even my hands taste delish! (Look at that tounge work!)

Dad "rejuicing" the plum, because she kept sucking all the juice out and would leave dry spots, lol. 

So much better with new juice

She took to this plum like it were my own breast, sucking and holding it, making the little 'nomnomnom' baby noises, it was hilarious! We have been letting Stella explore more flavors over the last 2 weeks. We're holding off on any more Brown rice for just now, she wasn't sleeping very well after having it, so I stopped for a few days and she returned to her better sleep patterns, tried once more and no sleep that night. So, Were just sticking with letting her taste things for now. So far she's in love with plums, Rainier cherries (Seeds out, just licks them) and grapes (bit in half and she just licks them). She's not so much a fan of peaches, but that could have been because they were not quite ripe, she really likes juicy fruits with lots of flavor. I am so excited to be introducing her to these flavors, we really want the little to love her fruits and veggies, and to have a very versatile palate. One thing Brent insists is that she never say no to any food, or tell us she "doesn't like" something. I know it's bound to happen, all kids go through some stage of frowns and noses turned up at the suggestion or look or smell of something, or they come home from a friends house or school and magically no longer like something, but he's really hoping we can nip this in the butt from an early age, I never realized he meant this early though.

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Dumb Mom said...

What a yummy way to spend a day! Thanks for sharing with us for Wordful Wednesday!

Luisa Rodríguez said...

These pics are way too cute



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