Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4 Months and Growing!!

Stella Jean,

Today is July 12th, which means you are officially a 4 month old! You have had a TON of first this past month monkey! You now love to stand up! Which gets pretty tiresome for your daddy and mommy, so we broke down and bought you a Baby Einstein activity jumper, you love it! We don't let you spend too much time in it just yet, I only really put you in it when I need to shower, do laundry, dishes, or anything else that requires both hands and possible bending... Otherwise you're still quite content being wrapped up to mommy, or held. You have become quite the little chatter, talking almost ALL day long, nonstop... currently your daddy is holding you, and you have half your hand shoved into your mouth, but, your still talking, it's pretty awesome. You even seem to talk back sometimes when we talk to you, it's pretty funny when I ask you a question, and you actually seem to answer! I know you have no idea what i'm asking, but your sounds are starting to mimic ours enough to make it sound like your talking, we love it.

Baby girl you've become quite the little sleeper also, another thing mommy is extremely grateful for. Some nights you'll let us put you down in your co-sleeper next to me, some nights I give up after 11pm and bring you to bed with me, either way, you'll sleep well wherever you are, better when you're next to me. You also love to follow me around the bed, which really scared me at first, now I think subconsciously I know you're there, so I wake up with my arms around you, and you curled up against me. It's such a wonderful feeling waking up with you, and to see your huge smiles first thing every morning melts my heart. I cant imagine not waking up to those smiles, they set the mood for my entire day.

Other new things you've become pretty great at this month?

Traveling. We drove to Seattle again, and then to Portland for a friends wedding. You did fantastic in the truck every time! and you loved staying in your first Hotel, The Benson, in downtown Portland. Thankfully Auntie drove up to hang out with you during the wedding, or mommy would have missed the entire evening, you were quite chatty and sometimes fussy. (Thanks Auntie!!)

Boating. You went on your very first boat ride this month! and your second just last weekend. You love the boat! and love being on the water. We are so thankful that you enjoy your life jacket, the waves and bumps (go figure huh), the sound of the motor, and all the other things that make a day on the water fun.

Wiggling. You are a mover. Have been since the first time we saw you on the monitor in the doctors office, you were wiggling away, and I'm not sure you've ever stopped. You can move yourself in a full circle in just a few minutes. You roll from side to side constantly. You've even rolled from back to tummy a few times! You can scooch now also, pushing yourself along the floor on your back, The other day you even moved yourself a little bit forward while on your belly, you lifted your leg up to your side and pushed, and off you went, a couple of inches albeit, but you still moved your body forward! I couldn't believe it, so I took a quick video, which i'll be sure to post soon.

I'm sure there are a ton of this i'm forgetting, but it's getting late, and you and daddy are fast asleep. I really should join you both, so for now, I'll leave you with an I love you Stella girl. You are my world, your daddy's light, and the joy of our family. Keep on growing like a weed, keep on making us smile every minute of ever day, and keep on being our perfect baby girl.


Mommy and Daddy

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