Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Little Water Baby

We spent last Saturday up at Arrowrock Reservoir with our good friends Jayson and Lindzee on their jet boat, It was Stella's second boat trip with them this month! We have such a great time with them, and loved spending the super hot day (it was 93!) out on the water. Stella got her first taste of 'swimming' in the lake, you'll see that below, I actually rode the tube (which I am super afraid to do, but Jayson is a great driver and understands my fears, thankfully!) and only freaked out once... I thought they were going to do circles, and started screaming and waving for them to stop... turns out they were just trying to get me outside the wake to ride the smooth water... oops :). We swam, Brent fished, and we all had a great time out on the water. Stella LOVES the boat, seriously, I think she maybe fussed once or twice, it was a great day. We've got a little water baby on our hands, maybe it's time to start saving for our own piece of fun on the water. 

First catch of the day! and one of two... it was a sad day fishing... especially because Brent was the only one who remembered their licence... fail. 

Stella says "always wear sunscreen, your lifevest and a UPF 50 hat while on the water!"

and make sure your daddy holds onto you tight over the big bumps

She was chattin' away, loving the boat

and her safety schpeal is done, thanks Stella for the tips!

'aunt' Lindzee driving the boat 

and 'uncle' Jayson relaxin'

Look how cute her tankini is!!! Hard to see really, but she enjoyed it :)

Daddy riding the tube!

And what boating trip isnt complete without a good 'ol nap!? she slept for over an hour while we were docked at our beach, naps are important! 

So, this is how mommy introduced Stella to the water, just toes at first, and gradually going up to her knees... The water was 73 degrees and so warm, how could she not enjoy it!?!

And this is how daddy introduces her, dunks her naked bottom in up to her belly off the side of the boat, lol. She had pooped and we rinsed her off and let her cool down before getting her dressed again. 

She wasnt really happy about being swished around sans pants, lol. 

And now for the epic first wipe out of the day, Brent going feet over head off the tube, and I got almost all of it... enjoy :)

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