Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Produce

As I mentioned in the "Going Green" post, Brent and I signed up for a weekly produce delivery service over the weekend. This morning Brent opened up the front door to our very first delivery! I was so excited, that even though it was 6:30am, and Stella had just fallen back to sleep, and I should be doing the same, I jumped up to go inspect the box's contents. Everything they said would be there was there, and there is a ton of it! 

I had my very first goodie from the box this morning with breakfast, a delicious kiwi. I realize that isn't really a locally grown item, but during the early spring and winter months, Brown Box Organics has produce shipped in from California and they use many greenhouse grown products, which i'm totally fine with, as long as it's organic and delicious. Brent just had a kiwi with his lunch and fully agrees, it's the best kiwi we've ever tasted! I cannot wait to try the rest of the items in the box. I'm looking up recipes tonight to use the onions and carrots and cauliflower, which is something I have not ever cooked with... but I used to have all the time at my grandparents house growing up. I'm also thinking the yams will make some amazing fries with rosemary and seasalt, yum! I'll be sure to take pictures of whatever we make and post them, I'm so excited to start cooking with healthy, fresh foods! 

Also, do these raspberries not look amazing!? They taste even more amazing than they look. :)

I love fresh fruits and veggies!

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