Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Mine are kinda on edge. I am so close to having my first baby, and I will fully admit, i'm slightly scared of the whole process of her getting out of me. Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who is fully prepared to support me and whatever I may need during labor and delivery. We've done the class (Thanks Confident Birthing and Kyndal!!) and learned as much as we can to help with our natural childbirth decision. We are both fully committed to going unmedicated, My reasons are for more than just not wanting my child to be exposed to such strong meds as she enters this world, but also that I have drug allergies, which I don't know the extent of. I've had bad reactions to Vicodin and Codeine, and nitrous oxide... something traumatic which I don't want to experience again if I can avoid it. So we've prepared, we've read up on all possible drugs and reactions, and epidurals, and I would rather just avoid them all. We are planning to meet with the anestesiologist... just in case. My midwife thinks it would be a great idea to meet them, let them know we dont want meds, but find out our options if I end up needing an c-section. We'll have the plan all worked out ahead of time, which actually makes me feel a ton better about labor and birth. 

We've already turned in our birth plan, which I realize most mom's laugh at... but I'm a first timer, so i'm allowed to make one and feel like it's there for guidance. I also realize that it's just a guide... and things are going to happen the way they will happen, and we are more than fine with things not going perfect, I wont stress out if I cant or don't like laboring in the tub, or if there is a certain laboring position I thought I would love that I end up hating, We'll just go with the flow. 

I think the biggest thing helping ease my nerves is knowing that after all of it, we will get to meet our baby girl finally! Brent and I are both so excited to meet her, and we really cannot wait to bring her home, introduce her to Abby and Lilly, and start our journey into sleepless nights (hopefully not for too long!) and dirty cloth diapers! So until that moment, we wait, with our hospital bag packed (finally!), carseat still not installed... and all the hopes of a happy, healthy, quick and perfect labor and delivery! 

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