Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Very Special Onesies

At my Seattle baby shower we asked the guests to decorate some very special little onesies that our baby girl would wear when she finally arrived. The time has come to show off these beautiful onesies! I'll be putting Stella in a different onesie every day, and taking pictures to share with our friends and family. I hope to send out the pictures along with the thank you notes I'm slowly getting finished up on, or i'll email them to everyone, that might actually be easier and might actually get done... having pictures printed isn't something I do regularly. But, I will also try to share most of the onesies on here also, not that everyone who was at the shower looks at my blog, but it's still fun to post her adorable pictures as much as possible. 


Shirt decorated by Tia Renee

Shirt decorated by Aunt Michelle

Another thing i'm going to really try to do from now on? Take more pictures of me and my baby girl. I'm realizing I am the only one taking pictures of Stella, everyone wants daily updates of just her... so it's all I think of, and now looking back through my pictures, I got teary because she's almost 3 weeks old, and I have maybe 5 pictures of her and I together. Tons with Daddy, Tons with Auntie and grandparents... but hardly any with me. So last night I asked Brent to really try to make an effort to grab the camera and take pictures of her and I together... he said he would more but I usually have a boob out, so i'll try to cover up more, lol. So this is my new daily effort, I'll try my best to take pictures with my baby girl, not just of her, I want to remember her with us as a family, not just sleeping and laying my our laps. 

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Anonymous said...

You are so good to remember pics of you AND Stella...we have the same situation w/our family...I take most pics so looking back it doesn't even look like I was even there. I'm trying to change that now. Beautiful picture of the two of you AND the onesies. Keep them coming! Love~Aunt Michelle


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