Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lazy Wednesday

I decided this morning that Stella and I were staying in our jammies (well, freshly cleaned and changed jammies... she's decided to go through 3 of them today) all day today. We've been out almost every single day since getting home... and I want a day off. I love taking my girl out in the world, but I also worry about exposing her to too much too soon. So when I do go out, she's in the moby wrap and I sanitize everything we come in contact with, and I avoid going out at busy times. If I absolutely have to (like yesterday) go to the grocery store, I go at the slowest time of day... even still, I would have been in and out quick yesterday, but ran into a former massage customer, who was so excited to meet Stella. She was sleeping in the moby thankfully and I could just let my client peek, so it wasn't too bad, it was quite nice to see someone and get some adult conversation. We've also had several friends visit over the past few days, so Stella has been held by several children, thankfully all healthy and all were very conscious to wash their hands before touching or holding, but I figured all of the stimulation was getting to be a bit much for the little miss, and were hunkering down today. 

It's been good so far, we slept until 9am, which was bliss after her being up from 1am til 4am... Daddy took her for snuggles after her 6:30 feeding, and let mommy sleep for almost 3 hours, yay! I love when Daddy does that :) 
Were enjoying catching up with emails, cleaning the house, laundry and dishes, just getting our every day things done that I can no longer do every day. It's kinda nice just lounging and picking things up and giving our life a little bit of organization, I think I can do this once a week vegging thing, maybe every Wednesday will be a lazy Wednesday. 

Miss Stella's jammies today, all 3 sets so far :)

Getting kisses from Abby, They seriously love each other already, Stella smirks when she gets kisses, and don't worry, I clean her off afterwards.

And just after waking up this morning... staying awake isn't a priority today.


Anonymous said...

I can't see this set of it me or ?? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. We all get so much joy out of reading it and seeing the great pictures. Thank you for taking precious time out of your busy life to share with everyone. Love, your California Aunt Michelle, Uncle and Cousins...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing the pictures...she's SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Jess said...

Welcome ;) thanks for letting me know.


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