Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 Weeks!

I cannot believe how quickly the past 14 days have gone. Our baby girl is now 2 weeks old! Stella had her 2 week check up yesterday and my goodness is she a growing girl!! At her newborn check last week, just 5 days after birth, she was 7 pounds 9 ounces, and 20.5 inches long. This week? 8 pounds 6.4 ounces!!! We have a little chunkster! but she's a pretty darn cute chunkster :) She's also now 21.25 inches long, which is in the 75th percentile, She's growing like a little weed. Which is why her newborn outfits and sleepers are starting to get a bit snug, already her arms were too long for the sleepers, and her hands tend to get scrunched up in the sleeves. She's been going through a growth spurt for the past few days, eating a ton, sleeping more, and she's been kinda fussy in the evenings. 

I'm actually starting to feel a little tired from lack of sleep and constant feedings, not bad for 2 weeks into this baby adventure huh. Want to know what else is not bad for 2 weeks postpartum? I'm back in my pre-pregnant jeans!!! woo hoo!! I actually bought a new pair last weekend in my pre-size, they were pretty tight in the dressing room at Gap, but I had a coupon for that weekend, and wanted to buy them just in case, I could always return them in a few weeks if they ended up really not fitting right? well, I decided to try them on again this morning, since i'm down to 176 lbs, and they slid right on and zipped right up!! I was so excited! my belly is still pretty soft, I cant start doing abdominal workouts for another week or two, or running, or any other workout besides walking, so no 6 pack for me right away. But, if the weather cooperates, I can keep up the walking. We've been getting out the past few nights, it's not been great outside, but it hasn't been raining. We just load Stella up in the moby wrap, which keeps us both warm and toasty, and head down to the canal for Abby to run and play. It's a good quarter mile walk down there, so half a mile a day is not bad for me right now. I just barely get sore by the time were home, so I think i'm finally healing enough to take on a longer walk. my goal for next week is to do the whole 2 mile loop! I did it the week before Stella was born trying to get labor to be consistent, and cant wait to take her on the whole loop with me. 

Happy 2 week birthday Stella! 

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