Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures

I thought I would post some of the pictures we've been taking while Abuela Norris is here this weekend visiting the little. We've not done much, only left the house a few times, but it's been nice to have company again and have an extra set of hands. I was finally able to catch a few extra zzz's this weekend, Brent and Beth took turns helping with the baby in the morning so I could sleep, Thank you Brent and Beth! So, Enjoy our weekend in pictures. 

Thank you Sharon Wells for the adorable onesie! 

Enjoying some napping in the swing

Bath Time! We usually do baths in the big tub on mommy's chest, she loves them normally, but in this little tub? Not so much... She screamed almost the whole time! Not to mention the first minute we had her in there, she pushed off the bottom wall and splashed water ALL OVER the counter/floor/ mom and dad... it was a mess! But, she got clean and smells nice, and we still got some pretty cute naked baby shots. 

My grandma, Stella's great-grandma Grisham, made her several of these adorable crocheted hats, they are perfect for chilly days like today, and finally fit her tiny head. We added a beautiful bow that a friend here in Boise made for Stella, its adorable on this hat!

Stella snuggling with Abuela Beth

So, thats our weekend :) It was wonderful having Beth here to visit and help out, I truly appreciate helpful visitors now, and Stella loves new people to cuddle with.

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