Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Question!!! ~ edited with more info

I am so excited to answer my first question from a fellow blogger and new follower! I just got a comment email from my blog hop post and thought I would answer it really quick while Stella is sleeping.

Q: "Your blog is so cute. I havent read a ton, but just the setup alone, has me full of so many questions. I would love to know how you set up the top to display 4 photos and the options menu. Its perfect!! Love love love!!

yeah for the blog hop! "

A: Thanks for following thesimsii!!! I found this fun website for my photo editing,, it's pretty simple, and I dont usually do much to my photos, if anything, but for the blog header they have these neat layouts. Simply upload your pictures (the basic version allows 5 uploads, I'm about to the point where I would like to upload more, so I'm thinking of upgrading to a higher version), edit, find a template you like, and move pictures around until you have your perfect header. You can change the size of the pictures simply by clicking and dragging, add text, and other fun things. 

Eventually I might get photoshop, but I have no idea how to use it, so Picnik is my photo editing site of choice for now. 

Any other questions, feel free to ask away :) Now, if only someone can talk me through changing HTML codes to make my blog fully screen... I'd love some tips! 

******************** I had another question stem off of this post that I'll do my best to answer.

Q:  Brittani said...

Loving your blog! I found it via Spearmint Baby! If I can ask, what size did you make your background to upload? Thanks!
A: Thanks Brittani! I loved looking through your blog yesterday as well!
I am a total beginner at this HTML stuff, but after some research, many trial and error previews, and several size adjustments, I finally figured out how to make the blog wider. This is for the Simple layout on Blogger, Be sure your layout is how you want it before editing HTML, or you'll be going back to fix it multiple times. To change the size of the background (White) for text, go to design, then edit HTML (always save a copy of your original blog just in case things dont turn out the way you would like them to), 

scroll down just below half way to the part that looks like this for skin:
    b:template skin 
b:variable default 930px name content width type length value 1200px...
b:variable default 560px name main column left width type length value 200...
b:variable default 560px name main column right width type length value 200...

I had to leave out all of the symbols that are in there because it kept showing up blank... thats HTML code for ya I guess. 

You'll notice my values posted above are different than what you're probably seeing, these are the numbers you'll want to edit to make the columns bigger. 1200px is my middle column, and I made both left and right side columns the same size at 200px. once you've changed this, preview the new blog look to make sure you like it, then save and you're good to go :)
Now... if your wondering about the picture... I felt super smart figuring that one out *totally sarcastic*. I tried saving ALL different sizes of the header from Picnik... literally saved 4 or 5 different sizes of the same image lol. but they all kept looking the same when I would upload them!!! I was getting so frustrated I almost gave up... then I realized I had to unclick the little box that says something like "max size 960"........ Oh. So, once I unclicked that little box before uploading, I found that the photo size that worked best was around 1040 I think. 
Now to be completely honest, I have no idea what any of those numbers mean. I jumped around from 1000, to 1200, to 1400, to 1600... and just previewed each one to see what looked best... like I said at the beginning, this was all trial and error for me. 
I hope this helps! And I cant wait to see any changes made to your blog Brittani! and to read more fun stories about your adorable twins! 


The Sims II said...

Thanks so much for answering, and I love that you already updated yours with more pics! Looks great!

Brittani said...

Loving your blog! I found it via Spearmint Baby! If I can ask, what size did you make your background to upload? Thanks!

Lil Mama Stuart said...

tweaking your blog can be so addicting! I plan to do a series of how-to's/resources in the near future


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