Friday, April 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

I'm so excited to be linking up to my first Flashback Friday this week! I've been wanting to do this for some time now, but just haven't taken the big step and done it, so here goes. 

Circa 2009. Pyramid Alehouse in downtown Seattle, my sister, Brent and I decided to stop for a Pyramid sampler on our way home from Brunch with our families.

I'm not really a beer drinker, so the below photo is totally staged, although I do think I had half the tiny glass just to see if I liked it. Nope. Still not a beer fan.

sorry its blurry... but I think this picture is pretty funny. Easter doesn't usually drive us to drink this much, promise.

Pammy gettin' her Curveball on.

and deciding what to drink next

And now to take you way back, to 2003. My first Easter brunch with Brent's family.It was raining at this moment, and Brent's mom was snapping candid photos of us. I love how young we look in this Picture, and how awkward we both are, ha ha ha.

Happy Friday! 


Christopher And Tia said...

First off, welcome to flashback friday!! Second- beer is totally an aquired taste that I think most people adapt to in their late teen years, because its the easiest alcohol to get, haha. At least thats how it went for me and all of my friends. I don't drink anymore, and I'm sure if I even tried to, it would just taste like "young and stupid", hahaha. Do you like wine? I could never get into wine. My grandparents throw back a bottle or more a night. Anyways... yeah I don't blame you for not liking the beer. its gross.

Jess said...

Thanks Tia! I'm so excited to be apart of flashback Friday!

I'm not a huge wine fan either actually, just certain fruity whites, and mostly I just enjoy them in the summer, when I do drink (very rarely anymore) i'm typically a rum and coke or margarita kinda girl, yum :)

Mikey said...

Newest follower- catching up on my blog hopping- better later then never. Please visit me too!


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