Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Little Chunk-A-Monk

I have to admit it sooner or later... we may have a little chunk on our hands. Stella is getting to be so long and chubby, and she's starting to have little rolls on her thighs, its pretty adorable. She's also developed quite the little double chin, but a little neck pudge never hurt, it's quite cute actually.

Look at those thighs! and that belly! and those oh so kissable cheeks!

Now you may be wondering what a Chunk-A-Monk is... It's our nickname for the little chunky monkey that is our daughter, well more of my nick name for her, I just cant help tickling her tummy and giving her chubby cheeks a kiss and calling her my little Chunk-A-Monk very affectionately. and oh, those cheeks are so darn kissable, I love them.

And now, A photo dump from the past two weeks. I've been trying to get these posted since last week... but the little just wasn't having it when i'd put her down for more than a few minutes, she loves her snuggles.

Enjoying a little vitamin D. and Linking up with My3Boybarians for Sweet shot Tuesday...  On Thursday.

Playing Xbox with daddy... we'll at least he's trying to play, she kept wiggling and reaching out for him, which made things difficult.

Getting some loves from Auntie on her second visit last weekend

More snuggles with Auntie

And a little afternoon nap on the couch

It was pretty entertaining watching Pam try to juggle the plate with a wiggly Stella on her lap, but she did great.

Getting ready for bed with mom

I love me some bedtime baby kisses 


YulyaShenka said...

It's a little Angel!

I'm your new follower from Spearmint Baby blog hop and hope you'll visit me back :-)

Eliza said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from the alexa blog hop. Your baby is soooo cute! I love the pics from the photo shoot.

Please follow back :)


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