Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life with a baby

Things are finally starting to settle down here in the Norris household. Were starting to get used to having a baby around, waking up multiple times a night, eating on her schedule, going to the store on her schedule. I don't make appointments or plans with anyone without warning them that things could chance at a minutes notice... it's all dependent on the baby. We did make it out to our first restaurant with her today, lunch at Bad Boy Burgers. It went well, we were only there for 20 minutes or so, Brent's a quick eater and I just packed mine up to go to keep up with him, but she only fussed once, yay! We probably wont be back to any of our favorite down town eateries anytime soon, but hopefully starting with quick, small outings will get us ready for taking her to bigger, better places. 

On to Cloth... Stella is finally fitting into all of her diapers!! Below she's wearing a polka dot Blueberry pocket diaper, and the light yellow is a Fuzzibunz perfect fit pocket, my personal favorite on her, they fit very trimly and have not had any leaks at all! She even went 7 hours in a Fuzzibunz the other night! only for testing purposes :) I would have let her go longer but I was already feeling like a bad parent for letting her go that long. 

Napping next to Mommy the other morning

holding her own paci in her mouth... she also pulls it out on her own too

hangin out in the swing  while mommy cleaned, she had the funniest looks on her face

Daddy's new favorite snuggle spot, hands free loves, adorable

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