Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boise Baby shower

Last weekend a few of my wonderful friends here in Boise threw me a beautiful baby shower to celebrate the pending arrival of our baby girl. I feel so blessed to have this particular group of girls to call my friends, they are all mom's and have some wonderful advice and experience to share with me. They have always warmly welcomed me to playdates at the park, just to hang out, even when I don't have a child yet, I just bring Abby with to chase the kids around, she seems to enjoy corralling them and keeping an eye on them. My mom, Brent's mom, My sister and a dear friend, Rachel, all flew in from Seattle for the weekend for my shower. It was so much fun having them all here to celebrate with me! I truly appreciate my wonderful friends who threw the shower for me, and those that came to celebrate with me, it was such a great day! A special thank you to Annie, for opening up her home to host all of us. 

(below) My talented friend Nikki baked and decorated these ADORABLE baby birds nest cupcakes! They were delish!!

Another dear friend Stefani made the adorable paper poms! We actually took a couple of them home to hang in the nursery, I'll post pics of those soon. 

Annie and her sister put together this awesome spread, so yummy!

I dont know why I always talk through these pictures... but it seems like I have a weird face every time! 

My mom gave me this beautiful diaper bag that we had seen in an adorable boutique in Washington, I had not clue she went back to get it, I love it because Brent can use it also and it's not too girly at all! 

The adorable basket of favors, little nests with bird eggs

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