Sunday, February 20, 2011

36 Weeks and counting down! Yes, thats 9 months!!

*** Minor disclaimer for friends and family... From here out there may be some fun body stuff happening with my pregnancy. I will try not to post about the yucky stuff, but this blog is also a place for me to write about everything that is happening in my pregnancy, in our lives, and soon to be with the baby. I'll try to do 'TMI' disclaimers if there will be anything mentioned that is a bit yucky, or that you may just prefer not to know about me in general. Most of you women have had babies, and i'm sure understand what happens, so hopefully this wont be an issue, but I want to be able to document these final weeks with full disclosure, so if you would rather not hear about lost mucous plugs, a ripening cervix, or how my boobs happen to be preparing for the baby already, then I suggest you skip the TMI sections. Thanks! :) ***

It's hard to fathom that I have been carrying this baby inside of me for 36 weeks now. I'm just starting to get to the uncomfortable stage... which I hear is a blessing, that it should have started weeks ago, so I am thankful that i'm just not having trouble breathing lol. Baby girl has been pushing into my diaphragm for about 3 weeks now, which is making my lungs a bit squished in there, which in turn, makes me cough a ton after a long day, and makes it tough to get a good deep breath. My midwife gave me a prescription for an inhaler a few weeks ago, which I waited a week to fill, and while I wish I had filled that first day. The 1-2 puffs of Albuteral that I get to take at night seem to have helped contain my cough tremendously, which I am so thankful for! She told me that now that the baby is pushing so much into my lungs, it will start to feel like i'm having some sports induced asthma, which I get when I run or hike vertically a ton, so i'm no stranger to the inhaler, but it's just weird that I can do nothing and end up in a coughing fit at the end of the day. 

Other uncomfortable things i'm experiencing? My hips are separating... fun! my little waddle has turned into me trying not to let my hips pop out of joint lol, which in turn slows me down when were out running errands. Brent is usually pretty good about letting me lag behind, and he can tell when something changes, like a braxton hicks contraction, he'll hang out with me and let it pass, what a good hubby huh! More about those darn braxton hicks... I've been getting them more and more often every day. I think yesterday while we were out I had probably 10 total... but they were spread over several hours, so it's nothing to worry about yet. I was told not to call unless I have 5-6 in one hour, but to pay attention to 4 or more an hour, because they could quickly increase to more.  I have had a couple uncomfortable contractions, just randomly, more like cramps, but nothing too bad, and nothing more than a couple seconds long. 

Tomorrow is my 36 week appointment, I get to have the lovely Strep B test, see how baby is measuring, see if my fundal height is still measuring 2 weeks ahead (which would put me measuring at 38 weeks!) and see what the plan is from here out. If I am still measuring ahead, then my midwife told me last visit that we could start natural methods to get my body ready for labor (woo hoo!) *** TMI DISCLAIMER *** I'm noticing things are already starting to happen that are signals labor will start soon, I've lost most of my mucous plug (the booger type plug that protects the cervical opening, keeping the baby safe from germs and infection) which means my cervix is starting to soften (or ripen or thin) and could mean that I will be dilating soon, or already has begun dilating. I wont be checked until I actually go into labor. OB's sometimes check (actually often check) women around 37, 38 weeks, but being checked would just make me more anxious. Women can walk around for weeks dilated at 3 cm, 4cm, I've heard even 6cm! So why stress myself out knowing this information? I'd just rather let it happen naturally, let my body go into labor when it's ready, and when baby girl is ready. So, once we get the go ahead from my midwife that it's ok to start natural induction methods, I'll be doing the following; 

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO): helps to soften and tone the cervix and can help with making contractions more consistent.

Acupuncture: I truly believe in this ancient Chinese art, and with how it helped Brent and I get pregnant in the first place, and how it gave me such a strong second pregnancy that has grown this beautiful baby, I think it's only fitting to use it once more to help my body ready itself for birth. Started around 37 weeks, and done twice a week until Birth, it can help speed up the labor process, help prevent stalling during labor, and help labor and birth be shorter and go more smoothly. I don't know if I'll be able to go more than a few times, it's pretty spendy, but if it readies my body and helps, then a couple of treatments may be worth it. 

Massage: With how I've been feeling, and how my sleep is starting to be affected, I think it's time to indulge in a little massage for myself. 

Chinese Foot treatments: This is another special little indulgence that I loved before getting pregnant. I have not been in months (9 to be exact) but there are special reflexology points in the feet and ankles (hands and hips also) that are linked to the uterus, so once I've got the good to go, then I can relax and let the amazing crew at VIP foot massage do their job and give my achy feet and legs some love. 

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (RRLT): I have been trying to enjoy this tea for weeks... I'm just not a tea drinker I guess, unless it's loaded with honey, I just don't like the taste of it. RRLT is used to strengthen and tone the uterus, preparing it for labor, and again, helping to potentially make contractions more consistent. I don't think the few cups I've drank will do much to help unfortunately.

The number one, best thing to help get labor going, is the same thing that got us into this, Sex. I'll just leave it at that :)

So for now, We wait, for my body to do it's thing, and for this baby girl to make her grand appearance. We are so excited, and nervous, for this next big step. Thankfully, the birthing class we've been taking has been a huge help, I honestly don't know that I would be successful in attempting a natural, unmedicated childbirth, if it wasn't for this class. 

Oh, and i'll be sure to get a belly shot posted today, I know i've slacked off on that, my apologies, so check back tomorrow and hopefully one will be posted. 

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Colby said...

Congratulations on your journey so far! I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful baby!


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