Thursday, February 10, 2011

The nursery is almost complete!

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of the *almost* complete nursery our baby girl will eventually move into! It has been such a fun, albeit stressful, project to work on the past few months, I'm sad that it's almost complete, but happy that it's going to be functioning soon, and not just a place to step in and look at, or store things (see: the crib, lol). While our family was here for my shower, They all pitched in and helped us finish most things off, like, hanging the curtains, putting together the new dressers, putting the bigger clothes away and hanging up the stuff she'll wear right away. It was fun to have some help, and some other ideas of things to finish it all off, I was struggling to come up with the final touches on my own. So, here it is, our baby girl's very own room, hopefully she likes it and sleeps like a champ soon in it, we can always hope and wish right?!

(below) the tissue paper poms are from my Boise shower, my sweet friend Stefani made them, don't they look awesome tucked up into the corner! I'm all about visual texture for our baby girl. The sign was a gift from my mom, it's perfect now, all nestled into it's very own spot it seems. and our inspiration lamp finally found a home, The shade is where we pulled all of our colors for the nursery from, Love it!

The butterfly mobile from Pottery Barn kids that I picked up with my mom while in Seattle last, it's so perfect above her crib, and although Brent was not a fan at first, he actually now likes how they flutter when the fan is on, it's pretty fun, and we hope our baby girl enjoys it as well!

Yes, the nursery is still Lilly's favorite room, she still waits by the door each morning, wanting to be let in to sit in her window, or nap on the floor, or more recently in the basket in the stroller, which is a new spot, but i'm sure we'll find her there again. Brent and I put together the foam mat/floor/area rug that we picked up a couple weekends ago with my mom, it's perfect! and super squishy! That weekend, we also found curtains finally, at Pier One of all places, I hadn't ever checked there before, but these have mini polka dots on them in the blue and green shades that we have used throughout the room, they match perfect!

The view when you first walk into the room, the tall dresser, paper poms, "All because two people fell in love" hanging in the perfect spot, I love walking into this room! The stroller is living in there temporarily, because, well, we didn't really have any place else to put it. I didn't want it to get dirty in the garage, so until it has a home, it'll probably stay in the nursery.

The view turning into the room, and a shot of the new fan Brent installed a few nights ago... after taking it apart, and installing it again, it had a really loud whirring noise which wasn't good... I think he left a bolt loose or something lol. 

So, I realize the crib is a mess... it's sorta been a catch all for things that don't quite have a home yet. Like, the boppy, which has it's adorable striped cover on, but, no home yet, i'm sure it'll be moved to my bedside when baby girl arrives. and yes, there are a few clothes that need to be hung up, some towels and blankets which need to be washed, but one thing at a time right? Anywho, doesn't the mobile look pretty above the crib?

This shelving was allowed to stay up when we stripped everything else out of the office, it offers some pretty great storage space, and I just couldn't bare to rip it all out, but we're starting to realize that it might not be as awesome as we thought... because, the short dresser that now houses the changing pad, is too close to the bottom shelf, and unless I want to pull it out and push it in every time I change our baby girl, it's going to have to find a new home soon against a different wall. I'm sure it will all work out, we still have a few weeks left.

Closet full of 0-3 month clothes. So cute! We only had a couple of newborn outfits, until an awesome friend of ours brought over her baby girls outgrown newborn clothes (thanks Marci!!), she should be set for a few weeks now! We've also been stocking up on summer outfits, because it gets HOT here, so she'll be wearing lots of thin little jumpers, and lots of sunscreen I bet!

And this isn't apart of the nursery, but last year, Abby's head broke the mirror at the end of our hallway (don't ever take her head on... black eyes and broken glass are usually the result...) while we were playing fetch indoors... bad idea huh. So Brent finally took the mirror pieces that we left down a few weeks ago, and last week we painted the end of the hallway a dark grey chalkboard paint! It's AWESOME! Brent keeps writing things on it, like today it has "clean the house" and "feed the belly" which is something I hear all the time, because apparently I don't eat enough... I actually eat constantly lol. But the plan is to tile a fun boarder around the whole wall, and it can be a fun place for baby girl to color and write things eventually, until then, Brent gets to have all the fun. :)

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