Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I think... she's dropping!

So I've noticed the past few days that when I try to bend over, while putting socks on, picking laundry up, etc... It is SO HARD! I have to almost do a squat and then bend, so the belly has room to swing between my legs. I also have to breath differently to be able to bend, I cant have my lungs full of air... It's pretty hilarious. I also cannot lean forward to give my back some relief without popping my knees full out to the side, they have to be wider than my shoulders! Not to mention I look like i'm starting to drop, not much, but enough that I stop and look twice in the mirror, thinking that my belly has a new shape to it. I'm also starting to get a little bit of breathing relief, she's not pushing up into my diaphragm so much anymore, which is giving my lungs a bit more room to expand, and making me cough a little less.

So what do you think? Comparing these two pictures, one from Saturday, one from tonight... is the belly dropping? I sure hope so! I really prefer to be comfortable when breathing :)

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