Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I realize it's been awhile... I was reminded of this while home this week and my mom logged on to see if I had posted... nope, I was visiting family :) Brent and I made the long trek home on Christmas eve, 7.5 hours in the truck with a pregnant wife made for a bit longer of a trip for Brent... but he did well with the threats of me wetting his seat if he didn't stop soon at a restroom... Thankfully, the trip there had clear roads and blue skies most of the way. We did encounter some dense fog through the Blues in Oregon and down into Pendleton, so dense and cold that the ice would cake onto the truck antenna and it would whip back and forth until the ice was gone... only to start accumulating again moments later. We packed up and were on the road by 5am, I think 4:45am actually... and pulled into Auburn right about noon, not bad at all. It gave us enough time to get everything unloaded at my parents into our cozy little camper, our home away from home for the week, and then head up to his parents for Christmas eve celebrations. Unfortunately, I forgot our camera at home.... I was so sad, but Brent's parents gave me a Sony HD Video/camera for Christmas, It's pretty awesome, although i'm still learning how to use it. I was able to take some pictures on it, but not many... I'll get them uploaded soon and share them if they turned out alright. 

Christmas Morning we woke up to my dad and Abby barking at his "HO HO HO" in a funny voice outside the trailer... She wasnt sure what to think of the weird guy making weird sounds she wasnt used to, lol, but apparently we were being waited on inside, because I hardly had time to yawn before I was sat on the couch and handed things to start opening... Christmas morning at the Thomas' is rip and tear... Albeit a delayed rip and tear, but for the most part, gifts get passed out so everyone has a few, then those get opened and so on... It was a pretty awesome Christmas, for both Brent and I, we are so blessed to have such awesome families. The best present of the morning though, that went to my mom... for sure. She opened up a little blue box from this little place called Tiffany's, and there was a beautiful silver keychain inside. On that keychain? an even more beautiful brand new key fob to her brand new 2011 Dark grey Audi A6!!! My dad totally surprised the crap out of her, it was awesome for her to go through the facial expressions and realize what it was, and that it wasnt her old fob on the keychain... and for her to rush out back and open the garage door and "are you serious???!!!" followed by curse words (my mom does NOT curse...) then for her to scream when she sees my dad waving in the backup camera/navigation system... I think that moment made Christmas perfect and wonderful for all of us... not just her. The story of how that car came to be is quite hilarious as well... but I dont think it's mine to share. 

Brent and I had 5 different Christmas' to attend this year... which made for a very busy week, but it was so nice to get to see most of our family, and some of our dear friends. We also made it to the extended edition of Breakfast club this year, something that Brent did in high school once a month with all the boys from Young Life... it's the extended edition because almost all of the guys are married, and some have kids... several more are expecting their first babies this year, and there was one special announcement that there were actually 3 pregnant wives there, not just 2 :) I cant wait to go back next year and see how much 2011 has changed the club, Its sure to be an awesome year!

Speaking of 2011... Can you believe it's here?! I went to bed at about 10pm... this pregnant lady does not stay up late anymore, But Brent woke me up right at midnight to give me a hug and kiss and snuggle me back to sleep, He did have to kick the pup out of his spot in bed though, she had made herself nice and cozy that night in bed with me, under the covers even, keeping away the cold for me. Brent and I stayed the last couple nights at his parents, and had a great breakfast send off with the family Saturday morning. It was such a great week, and it's weird to think it was our last Christmas as just us... just the two of us, because next year we'll have this baby girl, and we'll be starting our own traditions, even if she'll only be about 9 months, It will still be so much fun to have a baby at Christmas, I told the family that next year Santa will be coming around again, so we'll get to leave out cookies and milk and all, it's going to be so much fun! 

So now we are home, the house is a mess with things needing to be unpacked, we are tired and recovering from a long week, but we are happy to be home. We missed Lilly, she stayed home last week, and she slept with us last night in bed, waking me up to cuddle her about 3 times in the night, she has been following us around all day also, which is pretty cute until I trip over her... It's going to be a long week getting her enough love to make up for a week gone. Brent is already packing up to head to INL again next week, So, it will be several more quiet lonely nights here, but the week goes fast (most of the time) and he'll be back home before I know it. 

Speaking of Brent and work...


We got a call from his boss last week informing him that he passed his PE exam and is now a PE! He can get his seal anytime now, we came home to an official letter with his new number and seal info. He is so excited, and I am so proud of him! He worked so hard for this, and does an awesome job at work, he loves what he does and is so happy to not have to take the test again lol. I'll be sure to take a picture of his fancy PE stamp when he gets it. 

so Congrats Brent, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!!!

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