Thursday, January 20, 2011

A shower for the baby

This past weekend I flew home to Auburn to celebrate my baby shower! It was so wonderful visiting with friends and family, and I am so thankful that they were all able to attend and celebrate with me! I have to brag a little... It was a pretty awesome shower! I am so thankful for my mom and sister for throwing it for me!


(Below) Party guests enjoying the festivities! One of the fun things they did was decorate onesies for baby girl to wear when she arrives. It was so fun seeing all the creative ideas, and I cant wait to take pics of her in all the cute outfits! 

Cupcakes!!! Mom spent Friday afternoon baking, and then Friday night her, Pam and myself decorated! Mom picked up a fondant kit and we made all the adorable flowers ourselves. It was so much fun and didn't take long at all!

Love the colors and how pretty the flowers turned out!

Mom's little party favors, adorable little tins with flowers filled with mints, just a little 'Thank You' for coming.

The delicious spread! Mom is such an awesome cook, all the food was a big hit!

Cute little hanging decor, whats a shower without some sort of streamers?!

Pammy, Sarah and I, She's kinda like a sister ;)

Dagmar, the Henna artist we had at the shower. She was a huge hit! and we'll totally admit she probably made the shower! 

Pammy's Henna Stars on her arm, and I still cant figure out who's arm has the flower on it... Mom's?

Sarah sitting down for some henna with Dagmar

The beautiful peacock she had on her hand. Dagmar does everything freehand... a true artist!

Katie P. working hard on her adorable onesie! 

Aunt Sue and Aunt Cheryl decorating their onesies

All the decorated onesies hanging up to dry

Party Balloons and Onesies!

Thats all for now, The photo uploader is maxed out, so keep checking back for another post on the rest of the shower and the fun things we did to celebrate baby girl, including pics of my henna'd belly!! 

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