Friday, January 21, 2011

More fun shower photos

My grandma is one of the most creatively talented people I know! A few months ago I found a book of crocheted animals, and brought it to her hoping to get a few adorable animals for our baby girl that she could chew on, play with, snuggle, and have forever. She gave me these for my shower, and I LOVE them! She also finished a few more animals before I left back home, including an awesome punk rock zebra, a monkey and a lion with a crazy mane! I'm hoping she'll make another set for me in some bright awesome colors. I'm so lucky to have such a great grandma who already loves our baby girl so much to do something special and unique, just for her! She's such a blessed baby already! 

My beautiful sister put together these beautiful floral arrangements for the table at the shower. She's so talented!!! I love how bright the colors are, and how fun they look! 

On Friday before the shower, I went to my Cousin Jamie's (pictured with me below) home for a Henna party! We both had our bellies decorated and her little girl also had her leg done. It was so much fun hanging out with her! we don't get to see each other often, but when we do it's always a great time. 

A close up of my henna'd belly! LOVE!

So when I got home Friday evening, and showed my mom how amazing my belly turned out, she immediately had me call the Henna Artist, Dagmar, to see if she was available the next day for the shower. Amazing, she was!!! We were so blessed to have her at my shower to decorate all of our guests with beautiful designs. Below is my mom's art, a Grandma flower, the large one on top represents her, then the vine goes down to me, and then another vine goes from my to our baby girls flower, representing the family tree in a way. Isn't it beautiful!!!

My henna'd feet :)

and hands, already peeling off

Mom letting her henna dry, she didn't want it to come off at all, it was so sparkley and fun!

* ok, small disclaimer before I share some of these photos... I was talking through most of them, so if my face looks funny at all, it's probably because I was talking. :) 

( Below) Adorable onesie with a turtle on it that says "Snappy Dresser!" so cute!

Shocked at the beautiful quilt that Tia Renee made for baby girl!! Thank you Aunt Renee!!

Cute little capri pants and tee for when she goes to Cali in May, I hope it's hot!

Being told about the afghan that Aunt Merilyn crocheted for our baby girl, beautiful! 

Another cute little outfit!

This was Brent's favorite book when he was a baby, Thanks Grandma Beth! (from baby girl)

Trying to keep things somewhat organized after the shower, before having to pack it all into suitcases... I managed to bring home all of the clothes and soft stuff (including the amazing crib sheets my mom bought us!!) in mom's huge suitcase, I should have taken a picture of the suitcase... it really is ginormous!! the smaller stuff and toys went into a large box which we shipped, and there is still more at my parents house that mom will be bringing over with her next weekend when she visits for my Boise shower. We are so blessed!

Thank you again to everyone who was able to come share my special day! Baby girl already appreciates all that she has been blessed with, and I cant wait to be able to use some of the awesome gifts we received!

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