Saturday, January 8, 2011

Posting Fail

So I realize I havent posted much lately... I'll keep this quick but I'm going to work very hard this week to get a few new posts up. I really dont have any excuse other than we havent done much. Brent has been working out of town a lot, so weekends are packed full of 'us' time and getting caught up on his laundry. so i'll post this fun pic today, taken on my Droid phone, 

Which now seeing in on the blog I realize it's not such a great picture... but isn't Lilly so darn cute!! She snuggles with the belly any chance she can get. She even sleeps at night sometimes draped across it if i'm on my side, or snuggled up next to it in bed, All the while our baby girl loves her purring, and kicks ferociously back at her, the kicks get harder if she stops purring. It's so sweet, and I truly hope Lil reacts this positively to an actual baby in the house, I like to think one day they could be best friends. 

Brent and I have a busy weekend, so i'll try to remember the camera and get some fun things posted over the next few days. Next weekend should be pretty awesome, it's me first baby shower ever!!! I am so excited and blessed by my family and friends to have this celebration being thrown for my baby girl and I. I'll be sure to remember the camera next week, I'll be in Seattle for the first shower, so hopefully traveling will go smoothly with a baby on board, it's been a few months since I've been on a plane. Happy Travels!

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