Friday, August 26, 2011

Whats with the awful week!?!?

This week has been horrible. I honestly have not ever wished a week would just be done and over with more than I have this one. 
On Monday, I woke up to a text from my mom, a friend of our families week old baby had passed away, unexpectedly. SIDS is something that I have feared from the minute I found out I was pregnant. and I feel so blessed that Stella is amazingly healthy, but it can still happen to anyone. The funeral was last night, my parents went, and they shut down their shop so all of their employees could attend and support their fellow co-worker. I wanted to be there, to support them, and tell them that they are not alone in this journey. But I will be there next week, and I will hug them both when I see them, and pray that their hearts heal, and I will let them know that this little blessing may have been in their lives for very a short time, but will be in their hearts forever. 

Also, My car is in the shop. And it's going to cost us twice as much as we were expecting... awesome. Don't ever buy a Land Rover, they are super expensive to fix. Ugh. 

Then, I get sick. While Brent is out of town. I think I have a bladder infection. Awesome. 
My sister tells me to go to the dr. immediately, she's dealt with many of these and they can get out of control quickly. I've never had one, so I wait until the pain is crazy, and it's almost 7pm... 
So last night I pack the little up and head on over to urgent care, hang out there, pee in a cup, 
Yep it's an infection...... Yep you get antibiotics...... Yep it's going to take a few days to fully get out of your system. 
Oh, and I made sure they gave me the pregnancy and nursing safe antibiotics... this mama does not like meds, and if I have to take them, I don't want them affecting Stella. 
Got home, went to bed. 
Brent had to take a taxi home from the airport at midnight, we had been asleep since 9. 

Woke up feeling better, could finally pee somewhat normally, But then???
Sick. I'm not sure if it's from the antibiotics, or from the infection, or the fact that I took the antibiotics on an empty stomach (dumb of me, I know, but they said it was ok to do), but they did not like me this morning. 
Thank goodness Stella was napping! She woke up right when I laid down to rest, of course, so I scooped her up, brought her to bed with me, and we slept another hour or so. 
I felt good enough to eat a hot dog bun (the ones from costco, so yummy and fluffy!) and drink some water and chicken broth. 
So far so good. I think I just need to keep food in me and i'll be feelin' better in no time. 

So, the last two awesome events above now mean our weekend plans to build a new fence (I really dont know what were thinking, building a fence in the middle of August when it's 100 outside...) around our house are getting somewhat scrapped, and we'll only be building one side. and the awesome neighbors on that side made me go in and sleep, refused my help to tear it down, and told me if I needed them, that they would watch Stella. They tore the fence down, and Brent and Tom (our neighbor) will go get the materials we need when Brent is off work. 

Since things have been a bit rough this week, we've made sure to love on Stella a little bit more (although I dont know how that was even possible). We've also let her get away with some things she normally doesnt get away with.... Like riding the dog. One day this will be a no-no, but for now? Sure. Why not climb on up and have some fun. There will be no separating this girl and her dog.

Here's to hoping for a better next week. 

And many prayers and blessings going out to our friends back home who are missing their baby girl this week. 

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