Friday, August 12, 2011

5 months and growing!

Stella Jean,

You are 5 months old today baby girl!! It is still hard for me to fathom how quickly you are growing up! You are becoming quite the little girl, actually looking more like a little person, than a baby. You are rolling over a ton! We always seem to miss it, we'll put you down to play, turn around to get something and you'll be on your belly from your back, or back from your tummy... I have yet to get video of you rolling over, but I will soon, I promise. One day last week we were snuggling in bed in the early morning hours, and you thought it was hilarious to roll towards me repeatedly, when I flipped you back to your spot, you giggled and rolled again, repeating this fun game probably 15 times before I decided to get us up out of bed to start our day. Then of course you didn't roll over at all for a few days... it's just how you roll, pun intended ;) You are such an active little baby! You are into everything, reaching for anything you want, even people! You enjoy pulling the sunglasses off my face, picking up toys off the floor when we lower you to grab them, using your feet to push and hands to pull to get something just out of reach, sitting up from laying down. You are not quite fully sitting up on your own, but it'll happen any day I bet, you sit up with just a little support in the bath tub, you love to grab the faucet while water is coming out and are fascinated be everything around you. 

You are sleeping SO MUCH BETTER!!! I worked really hard while daddy was away last week for 10 days to get you to sleep on your own, especially for naps! You now go down for 3 full naps a day, sometimes it's only a half hour nap, but most days you'll sleep for a full hour to an hour and a half! Night time sleep is doing much better also. Thankfully you now go to bed at about 9:45pm, much better than the 11:30 bedtime you kept just a few weeks ago. You'll sleep for an hour or so and wake up to nurse, then go right back to sleep for a few more hours, it's wonderful! You're still nursing once or twice at night, which is just fine with me, as long as you go right back to sleep, which does not always happen. 

You and your daddy have developed quite the special relationship this past month. You LOVE your playtime with him. Some of your favorite things to do is throw the toy with Abby, play airplane in the air, read hunting magazines and rip out the paper, its all pretty adorable to watch. I love the way your face lights up when you see him, and the way his lights up when he gets smiles from you, you two are going to be inseparable one day. 

Now to share a couple of my favorite photos from today's 5 month shoot, which was actually on time this month!!! YAY me! :) 

Happy 5 Months baby girl!!!

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