Saturday, August 13, 2011

More visitors

On Friday around lunch time we had the pleasure of having some great family friends swing by on their way back to Washington State. They have been traveling in their 5th wheel all summer long, and have not been home since the end of June I believe! What a way to spend the summer!! I've enjoyed following their adventures over the past few weeks and they have truly been to some amazing places around the US. Multiple national parks, several states, and they visited a ton of family, even making it to a wedding, family reunion and 1st birthday of a great grand niece! It was a pleasure to have them in our home once again, even if for just a few short hours over a long lunch. Brent was able to make it home to visit, and we loved hearing the stories of their past couple of weeks on the road. 

Sharon snuggling with a very sleepy baby

And the eyes are closing...

Finally passed out and so cuddly

Sharon loving the baby time

Nick gettin in on the snuggles action too

and Stella giving daddy the evil eye, hahaha

Their Golden, Tucker, smelled the grilled chicken in Brent's hand and came to investigate :)

Nick entertaining the baby

Stella's favorite toy, the ball, she seriously loves this thing
All the visiting Nick and Sharon did with babies back east and Stella is sure to prepare them for their families newest pending arrival! They will be welcoming their first grand baby this December!! We cannot wait to meet the newest little love in just a few short months, Congrats Nick and Alicia!!!

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