Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hard at work

This past weekend Brent's parents were in town to visit the little (and us) and to help us re-build a portion of our fence. We have been trying to get this fence building thing organized for some time now, over a year actually, but things never seem to fall into place. So finally, we just decided to do one side at a time. Our neighbors to the West (Tom and Lyla) were just waiting for the go ahead from us, and they were up and tearing down the old fence early Friday morning. I felt terrible (literally) because I couldn't help much, I was down and out with a bladder infection. But they were so quick, the fence was down in less than 3 hours. Tom got a little trigger happy with the chainsaw and buzzed the fence in half, making it easy to just lift the old slats out, and the posts were so rotten they were easily pushed right over. It was weird not having a fence on one side for a full day. Abby was super confused, not sure which yard she could pee in or why she could now go up front freely, I found her several times at the front door when she was supposed to be out back eating. Thank goodness she's never been one to run off. We are so thankful for all the help we had this weekend! The boys took over the fence job, while Beth and I had baby duty, and took on a couple other projects around the house, including re painting our front door (again) and putting new hardware on it, and also sprucing up the front of the house with some new numbers (finally!) that we have been meaning to put up for 2 years now... oops. It was a productive weekend, and we are so happy with our new fence and gate! 

A portion of the new fence already finished. and the old gate just hangin' out.

Jim, Brent, and Tom working hard on the fence, 3 2x4 rails meant lots of screws!

Isn't it pretty!!!

Stella had a blast watching the boys and chewing on her indestructible book

Lunch break! Tom and Lyla joined us also and we had a great time visiting with our neighbors

Abuela Beth napping with Stella after a hard days work

She had a rough weekend, lots of playing and snuggles, we had one tired baby

Thanks to Opa and Abuela for all their hard work and help this weekend!!! We had a wonderful weekend!!!

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