Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our week

Sorry for being mostly MIA this last week. While the hubby was out of town for 10 days, my mom and sister came to visit us for a few days. I was so happy to have them here to keep us company and love on the little for a week! My sister was only here for the weekend, but mom drove over and stayed for a full 6 days!!! It was SO wonderful having her here all week, just someone to help out with Stella, let me clean, help me clean, and go do fun things with all week made Brent's absence much easier on us. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery before they arrived, so as I was trying to click some pictures on Friday night, my camera went dead... then Saturday we went to the market, and as I pulled out the camera to shoot a cute picture of my sister wearing Stella at the market, I had forgotten to put the battery back IN the camera... fail. So, I didn't get any fun market pictures like I had wanted. Mom and I went to Sun Valley on Tuesday, I actually remembered to bring the camera, but, didn't take any pictures while up there... fail again. What did I take pictures of? Us hanging out at home. Lame huh. But there are some pretty adorable shots of Stella with our guests, she sure was lovin' her some family time!

Getting snuggles with Grandma

Doesn't Stella look so content! She really loves her Grandma's cuddles.

I love these series of pictures with Stella and her auntie. Bare Bum (naked time), Aunties cute braid (and little sneak of her newest tattoo!!), kisses and huge smiles! What more could a baby girl ask for!?!

Grandma gave Brent and I a date night while she was here, and apparently everything was great up until Stella started fighting sleep... Bath went great, naked time was awesome, the tour of the backyard went splendly, but sleep? No thank you Stella said. And she fought it like crazy I guess... We didn't get the "Having a meltdown" text until we walked in the door.... where we found this scene below:

Stella finally passed out, slung over mom's arms where she had been bouncing her trying to get her to calm down in between heartbreaking sobs mom said. It broke her heart but what a trooper!!! and for the record... Brent and I only went to get ice cream and were barely gone an hour... poor little just cant handle her evenings with anyone else but mama I guess, something were going to have to work on apparently. 

After Grandma got the little to sleep (yay!) She passed her off to dad for some snuggles, he had been missing his girl an awful lot while out of town. 10 days is the longest he's been away from Stella so far, and it was tough, so he's been catching up on all the lovin's he can get!

Don't ya just love sleeping babies?

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