Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seattle trip and more spring

This past weekend we headed home to celebrate Easter with our families. It is always wonderful to get home and see everyone, but the weekend always goes by too quick! Brents family, The Anderson, flew up from California for the holiday, and we all went out to brunch at Salty's on Alki, Sunday morning. This tradition has been in Brent's family for years, and my family has been fortunate enough to join the tradition the last couple of years. The food is fantastic, we always eat too much, but it's worth it! I'll be sure to add those pics when we get them from the fam. Here are some pics of our stop at Pike Place market, we always try to go there if there is a little extra time, so we went there the afternoon before our flight home. We also had time to enjoy a quick lunch with my sister at Nordstrom, I love being able to go see her, and dont get to much, so that was a nice treat! I think next time we'll book an extra day and get down to the waterfront for some fresh seafood. Yum!

(Below) Some spring flowers are starting to show their colors! We have daffodil's all over our flowerbeds! and the tulips are shooting up, but not yet blooming! I cant wait for all the beautiful colors that spring brings!

(Below) This is the plum tree that we planted when we first moved into our house 2 years ago! Brent's parents bought it for a housewarming present, and we planted it with them just after moving in. It is blooming like crazy right now! The buds are turning bright pink and they are looking beautiful! I cant wait for the other bushes and trees to catch up and start blooming!

Here are the tulips I brought home from Pike Place, they are blooming and are huge! the sun just made them pop right open!

Here are the tulips fresh from the market, before the sun got to them, beautiful!

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