Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's done!

Our new redwood deck is done! After searching several stores this morning for matching screws (we ran out of the 5lb box we had!) we finally made it back home and finished installing the last of the boards! We actually need to order one more 20ft redwood board, and a skirt board for the back of the deck, and the wood for the step we are planning, but that will be a later weekend, or tomorrow... we'll see :o) Isn't the color beautiful! I just love it!

(Below) The finished product

Abby loving her new deck!

I love the color of the wood! the grain looks amazing!

I cant wait to stain it and finally use it! yay!

This afternoon we had another exciting thing happen... our neighbor's son installs sprinkler systems, and he came over to take a look at our yard. We had been trying to connect with him for awhile, but everytime I see his truck he's only stopping for a minute at his parents, so it's been hard. He walked through the front and back yard, and mapped out the system and told us everything that needed to be done. We will have 3 zones in the back, and 1 up front... with sprinklers in the grass, and drip lines around the gardens. I'm so excited to get this done, because it will really save our grass when it's put in. We also have the grass picked out, I think were putting in Xerilawn, which is from TurfCo here in Boise. It's a great hybrid that thrives in our area, with the sun and heat, and does wonderful with animals and lots of foot traffic, which can sometimes kill sod. So I think we found a great grass that will hold up with our lives.

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