Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our First Garden!

So this weekend I decided to plant a garden in our new flower beds! I walked around Lowes on Friday morning and picked out all the things I thought we'd love to have in our new garden. So I brought home some Sweet Basil, and Thai Basil (cause I love the taste of Thai Basil in stir fry, yum!), Cilantro, Rosemary, Parsley, and Green Onions (All seen below)

We also planted Romane lettuce! I have never grown lettuce... well, i've never really grown anything, but I hope it turns out ok, i've heard it can taste dirty if it's not grown right... but I dont know what right is, so we'll see! We also planted Sugar Snap Peas! I snack on them all the time, so I am really excited for them to start growing :o)

I also planted some seeds for 2 types of radishes (my dad loves them, so I hope they are up when he gets here!) and some Carrots. I am going to plant some sweet onions soon, but have to wait and make more space in the other beds, this one got a little crowded. I have several other seed packs that i'd love to plant as well, Cantalope is supposed to grow REALLY well here, along with watermelon, so i'm going to plant those next weekend. I also want to plant some okra, for pickeling, I have always loved pickeled okra, since I was little, my grandparents got me hooked on it, and I could eat a whole jar in one sitting if allowed. So i'll see if I have a green thumb for growing it, and then try pickeling... I'll keep ya posted!

We are also going to plant tomatoes, and bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers in mid may. We've been told by several friends, and gardening in Boise experts, not to plant anything that needs really warm weather (I.E. the plants listed above) until after the snow has melted completely off of Bogus... which means mid-May. and since we had alot of late snow this year, it could even be the end of May until we can bring the plants outdoors. So, i'm going to plant them in barrels, and keep them in the garage at night, and only bring them out during sunny days. I might have to get a heat lamp, or bring them in the house if it gets really cold and gray outside. We'll figure something out, we'd just love to have tomatoes and peppers around though. Yummy!

So if anyone has any gardening tips, please feel free to pass them along :o) Happy gardening!

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