Monday, October 17, 2011

Introducing new foods

We've been giving Stella real food for quite some time now. Not all the time, but once or twice a week she'll get some banana, or avocado or maybe beans. She is so great, and so excited every time we offer her something, she opens wide and shoves her face into our hand, trying to get whatever were offering. Lately I've been trying to give her more and more foods, She's 7 months now and is so interested in everything we eat, I feel kinda bad that I don't give her more food already, I usually just forget to not season whatever veggies were eating, and we haven't been to the market in a few weekends to pick up fresh produce. Well, today I decided to jump into this baby food thing full on. So, while at the store, I loaded up on a TON of fresh, organic fruits and veggies. Tonight for dinner were having baked sweet potatoes (my fall favorite!) and she just had a bite of raspberry before starting to rub her eyes and show me she was ready for a nap, the look on her face while chewing the slightly tart berry was priceless. I found this website a few months back,, a mommy food blog, it's full of great recipes for babies, toddlers, kids, and the whole family. She's got some great recipes, and they are SO simple. The only thing were skipping is the pureeing part, were doing the baby led weaning thing, and she's getting just diced or slightly mushed foods, so she can chew and not have an issue with choking later on, she'll learn how to chew from the start. But reading about food combinations that I would never have thought of before is so fun! I love her ideas, and that they are simple, easy to make, and take hardly any time.

Some of my favorite combo ideas so far? Banana Raspberry (mashed), apple oatmeal and molasses, Eat your greens mash: sweet potatoes, pees, carrots, green beans and broccoli all steamed and mashed together, celery root and potato mash, carrot and cauliflower mash, roast pear and banana, I could keep going but you get the idea. Paring fruits and veggie up should be fun, and I love that I can introduce Stella to new flavors so easily. I really want her to be an easy eater, not a picky one. I was super picky as a child, sorry mom, and didn't really indulge in culinary creativity until I met Brent. He introduced me to so many new things, and to this day I appreciate him being so pushy with food.

I am excited to begin this new journey in Stella's life, She's going to be a great little eater, hopefully :)

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