Monday, October 10, 2011

In a Funk... a quick update

So I realize it's really been forever since I've posted... I've been a bad mommy blogger and have really been neglecting my creative writing lately. I've kinda been in a funk. I've also been out of town a ton, which makes it difficult to post things when I don't have my normal set up. And? I've started this draft about 5 times already... hopefully I can finish it this time.

So, what all have we been up to around the Norris household? Lots! It has been an eventful month, and i'm hoping things will start to slow down now, I'm ready for a break. Stella has become quite the grown up little baby this month, but, you'll hear all about that on Wednesday ;) So, whats new?

We bought a new{er} car! I drove to Seattle with Stella and sold our Land Rover (great car, horrible for families) and bought a Toyota Highlander! I LOVE IT! Huge shout out of thanks to my parents for putting up with Stella and I for almost 2 weeks!! And Huge Thanks to my dad, for helping me search every car lot in the greater Seattle area for the perfect car! Turns out all that searching led us right back to Auburn, just down the road from their house, to Doxon Toyota, where we got our Highlander. They were great to work with, gave us an amazing deal, and all the free soda and cookies I wanted {which really help keep the tummy growls away when sitting at a dealership for 4 hours through lunch time...}. My mom drove home with me and even after 9 hours of travel, I still love it. It's perfect. I'll post some pictures of it soon. Promise.

I'm now an Independent Consultant for Scentsy! I am in love with their warmers and scents, and the buddies are so adorable! Stella loves to chew on her Ollie the Elephant :) I've posted a button on the side of my blog that leads directly to my personal website, where you can order and get information about our products. The warmers and buddies make awesome Christmas gifts! :)

Fall is here! We went from 90 degrees to 40 degrees... in 3 days! It was quite the shock, but Boise has leveled out into the 60s for now, and hopefully will stay like this for another week or two.

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest new thing around here is how much Stella has started to do this month, I cant wait to post her 7 month update, she's quite the little girl now! Stay Tuned for it ;)

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