Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend away

This past weekend Brent, Abby and I made the trip to Fallon, Nevada to meet up with my parents who were there for a race. We had a great time visiting a new place, although there isnt much there to entertain. Mom and dad made the 12 hour trek a couple of days before us, bringing their pup Clancy along for the ride, our drive was much less, only 6 hours, which is why we decided to go for just the weekend. It truly is the desert out there, with rattlesnake warnings and dust storms blowing through. We found a great little restaurant to have dinner each night, The Slanted Porch, What wonderful food for such a small town! We also picked up a couple pounds of fresh picked rainier cherries, my fav! They were so yummy and juicy, they didnt last the week :) All in All it was a great weekend spent with family.

This is the backside of the Blues in Oregon, they were 
so pretty to drive along, but we couldnt believe all the 
snow still on them!

Dad wearing his hat, It's the only one he'll wear :)

Brent hanging out at the trailer, 
one of the only shady spots we had all weekend

Mom and I, it was pretty sunny so I had to wear one of Brent's hat's to keep my face from getting more sunburned than it already had... I'm not used to high-altitude sun! 

Dad has always had my mom, sister and I on the race truck, 
now, Brent is officially apart of the family.

I kept trying to get dad to pose by the truck, he just kept working... but I got one!

Clancy even came to the track on this trip! 
Abby was so excited to see him! they love each other :)

Dad's awesome race truck!

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