Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally a Garden!

So with all of our travels, and all of the horrible weather we've been having, we have kinda been putting off the garden this year. We'll, I finally had a day or two to really kick it out and get things planted! woo hoo! I spent almost a full 26 hours planting over the past few days. Brent is out of town, so I figured what a better thing to keep myself busy. So, I pulled all the weeds that have popped up with all the rain, turned the dirt, mixed in some fertilizer, and tucked some cute little plants into their new bed. This year we've planted the following: Tomatoes, Zucchini, Lettuce (several types), Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Watermelon, Melon, Onions, Chives, Jalapeños, Bell Peppers, and Strawberries! What a list huh!? It's been fun planting new things, and some of the same things that did awesome here last year. Were finally getting the hang of having a garden, and cant wait to enjoy all the yummy, healthy produce that we'll be harvesting over the next couple of months!

(Below) Tomato and Zucchini plants

Our Lettuce garden, complete with Romaine, and an assortment of spring greens

Brent's Jalapeño garden, We have 6 jalapeño plants, 1 Serrano, and several Italian pepper mixes

Close-up of a Mammoth Jalapeño plant, so cute!

We had one little lettuce plant that came back from last year! I didn't know they would do that, so we transplanted it, it's the little tiny one off to the left of the big ones, isn't it cute!?

Right after planting, Everything looks so tiny! 

Another project I took on, repainting the chairs! Last summer I painted them a granny smith green... Brent wasn't a fan, so, I picked out this shiny cherry red, I love it! I just need to figure out how to recover the fabric on the chairs... anyone want to help with that? I have a sewing machine already! :)

One of the barrel's of Strawberries, we have 3 barrel's, each with 2 plants in them. I also bought 2 plants that were grown in a green house, they are huge! and they are already producing berries, which is great, so we'll plant those and leave all of them. I didn't realize strawberries come back year after year, so I dug ours from last year up... oops! Now that I know this little fact, I will be leaving them to grow and produce all the berries they can :)

So, a few weeks ago we started having problems... my herb garden plants were going missing! and then this hole began to appear, it got bigger, and bigger, and huge! so, I started sneaking into the house when I got home, and I found this... Abby laying in the planter. when I found her she was actually passed out, head and arms wrapped around my cilantro plant, very cute, but what a little stinker she is! Now the Jalapeños are planted in the barrels, and I will find another planter for the herbs, I've also strung up the barrels, so hopefully she'll stay out of them from now on. I will be devastated if these plants get dug up for her cool spot.

While I was painting the chairs, I had just piled up the cushions against the house on the deck. when I came back over, I found this cute little thing taking a nap on them, all comfy and cozy.

I am so excited for our garden to grow and to see the fruits it will yield. I'll probably be needing a ton of zucchini recipes, so if you have any, pass them along, they will be much appreciated and enjoyed :)

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