Sunday, May 17, 2009

A little more on updates...

A few weeks ago my parents came to town for the race at Firebird speedway. It rained all weekend, making track conditions tricky, and dad went out after the second round, but we still had a fantastic weekend! We had a great birthday dinner for myself, at one of our favorite places, the Tavern at Bown. Mom and I had a great time exploring downtown in the rain! We ventured down to the Saturday Market on 8th, and did our regular shopping, just soaked and dripping wet. My sister even flew over for a couple days! We treated ourselves to pedicures and massage's for my birthday, and had lunch with Brent downtown at another one of our favorite places, the Bittercreek Ale house.  It was so great having my whole family here to visit, we even found my mom's dream house in Meridian, so who knows, maybe they'll buy a second home closer to us! 

When family comes to town, if they are driving, there are usually a couple of things brought over for us... this time was no exception! Brents parents sent over this beautiful hutch for our house! We snapped a couple of pics, and after just an hour, Lilly had made this her new napping spot. So, Thank you Beth and Jim! We love our new hutch! 

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