Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hot, Hot! Sunday

This weekend we also managed to plant some tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeno's! We have been told repeatedly not to plant any warm weather plants until after the snow has melted off of bogus basin (our glorified ski hill). We'll, we cant seem to find the snow, and it was 94 degrees here today! so I think it's time to plant :o) 

Brent and I also spent the day comparing prices and models of gas grills! We had been wanting a new grill since last summer. Our portable camp stove had one grate that had melted from the heat, and the other ones were just too small to handle more than a couple steaks at a time. So we bought a Brinkmann 4 burner with a side burner for pots! We are so excited to have a new grill, and cooked dinner tonight on it, fajitas and fideo, and grilled all the tortillas on it, Brent was having a great time. 

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