Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Trip to Cali!

Brent and I just got home from the 46th Garcia Family Reunion! Every year family from all over the country decend upon Stockton, California for this annual tradition, and this year we made it down as well! Brent and I usually go only every other year, when they have a big dinner and golf tournament, as well as the picnic. We love seeing all of the family and we are so thankful that we could make it this year! So, enjoy the pictures I have here, there are many more that I didnt post, but will be doing a kodak gallery later on, email me if your interested. 

(Below) Tia Liz, we adore her!

Brent with his cousin, Joseph

Jess with cousin Joseph. We are so proud of him, He graduates this year!

Brent and I with Joseph Sr.

Brent and Dane enjoying the evening

Brent with his parents, Beth and Jim

We took lots of self pics, but this is my fav

The whole gang! the Andersons and Norris' (all Garcia's!)

Beth and I having a great time at the dinner!

Dane and Jim with Uncle Joe. He's one of the only original Garcia brothers still causing trouble, and we love him!

Cousin Kimmy and I, love this pic too!

Brent and his dad

Cousin Eddie and I (we bonded over horseshoes... I took out him and Uncle Joe :o)...)

Aunt Michelle and Beth, Daughters of Jess Garcia, one of the original brothers

Uncle Joe and Aunt Shirley with their girls, Aunt Renee and Aunt Cynthia

Sarah and I... I always miss these girls!

Faith and I... They are just growing up too fast!

Uncle Joe and I enjoying the evening

Uncle Joe with Beth and Michelle

The Andersons, Doug, Michelle, Faith and Sarah

Brent and I, after I won runner-up in the horseshoe tournament, First girl ever! I'll have to bring it when we go back in two years, they are all expecting me to win next time!

Dane, cousin Max, cousin Kimmy, and Aunt Cheryl enjoying some shade

Uncle Doug and Beth taking a break from all the fun of the picnic

Uncle Frankie (L) and Cousin Carlos catching up

Brent giving a big Garcia hug to Uncle Cito

As you can see, we try to pack as much into one short weekend as possible. On top of the reunion and dinner, we visited with Aunt Micky and Uncle Frank, who live in Tracy, CA, and we havent seen in about 4 years, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim came to visit us there, along with many other family members we had not seen in ages! It was so great to see everyone and catch up on life in general, we are thankful they make the time to get together with us and we cant wait to see them again soon!

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