Monday, January 26, 2009

This morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine and bright blue skies! It has been weeks since we've seen blue skies, in Boise, there is this thing called the "Inversion". now, I didnt believe in this so called "Inversion" when we first moved here, back in Seattle we called it fog. So after living here for over 2 years now, this is the first year I have truly believed in the Inversion. It's this weird fog, and it is a fog, but since we are set in this wide valley, this fog just bumps off the mountains over and over again, getting thicker, and darker, and nastier, until some big wind (which we had yesterday!) comes in and has enough force to blow it over the mountains. This Inversion also hurts our air quality, we've been at a yellow(?) for some time now I believe, and it's because the dust particles and icky stuff that gets stuck in this thick fog, keeps swirling around and just gets worse for us to breath. I've been wheezy and had a terrible cough for a couple of months now, and the last few weeks were some of the worst, so hopefully now that this gunk is gone, we can finally get some clean air and good breathes in!
Yesterday was also my first day off in nearly 2 weeks! Call weeks with the family are killer, and I just feel like nothing gets done at my own home. So, Brent and I kicked it into high gear yesterday and cleaned the whole house! He finished sanding the windows and preping them to be primed today (by me) so that we can finally finish them. Next weekend we hope to hang the new blinds and curtains and just be done with this huge project that has lasted way too long! Also next weekend, were hoping to finish painting the other half of the kitchen :o) this is something I did one weekend after we first moved in here, while Brent was away hunting. I took apart all the cabinets and cleaned, sanded, and painted them white. Well, that was almost 2 years ago... so hopefully, I'll get the other side of the kitchen done and matching soon.
It's great to finally be getting things acomplished again around here, it's so cold were sticking to our indoor projects, but we have so many we just dont know where to start! I'll update with pics when I get them soon.

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