Monday, February 16, 2009

It feels like Winter is almost at it's end! We're half way through February already and I cant believe how fast this year is already flying by! I've been working alot lately, and finally have some time off to blog and post some updates! Every week I try to get the kids out at least once or twice for a playdate with friends. This ends up being just Maggie and I, now that Josh is in school full time, and Matt goes 3 days a week (without any crying now!). Last week we were invited to do something new and very fun, Bowling!! It went well for the first few rounds, we split the kids up onto two lanes, so they wouldnt get impatient waiting, put down the bumpers, and let them roll! Maggie was just barely big enough to hold the ball, but she insisted on carrying it down and rolling it herself! I helped give it a little push sometimes, cause it would go too slow and set off the fowl buzzer, but she still had a great time doing her bowling ball dance to make it go faster down the lane. I think we'll have to do this again soon, we really had a fun time.
(Below) Maggie getting a hug from her friend Roman, and Colton looks like he wants one too!

(Below) Ellie and I waiting for the ball to come back

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