Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family visit!

We have been busy with guests this past week! Brent's brother Dane was in town hunting last weekend, and ended up coming home with Brent Tuesday night. It was great hanging out, if only for a night (he went home early Wednesday morning).
Then, Friday evening we had the pleasure of Brent's parents, Beth and Jim, and their close friends, Nick and Sharon Wells. Nick and Sharon had never visited before, it was Sharons first time in Boise ever, so it was neat to give them the tour of downtown Boise and the surrounding area. We took them to our favorite summer eatery, Lucky 13, located in Harris Ranch (east of downtown Boise), for some yummy homemade pizza and salads and drinks. We always like to sit on the outside patio, which we did this time as well, but we were threatened the whole night by rain. Now, growing up in Seattle, we are all very used to rain, but since living in Boise, it's a rare occurance! Well it just so happens that the night they get into town, a massive thunderstorm rolled on into the Treasure Valley, what are the odds! I swear, people from Seattle bring the rain with them :o)
The rain did hold off through dinner, we only felt a couple drops, but that night it poured! and it hasnt stopped since! Yesterday morning we enjoyed breakfast at our favorite place, Rembrant's, in Eagle. It's an old church that has been converted into a really neat coffee house. They support the arts, and there are paintings and sculptures all over the building, all of which are available for sale. It was so busy when we got there, Beth and I scoped out a table while the others waited to order, we finally spotted two gentleman leaving their tip on the table, and we jumped at the opportunity, scoring a perfect table for 6! It was great getting a little more time in with them before they left, even if it was pouring outside, it just reminded us more of home!

Last night we hung out with some friends and watched the BSU/Oregon game, Unfortunately BSU won, it was a sad game, but we had fun ribbing our BSU loving buddies, and getting ribbed back when they won, lol. It was great catching up with them, it's been awhile since we've had a get together. and with the rain we really couldnt do much else! Today we attempted to finish the trim on the inside of the windows... didnt really happen, Brent got 2 pieces up, then took a 4 hour break to watch the big game. I hung up the remaining 3 floating shelves in the living room, they look great! except I measured the bottom one wrong and had to re-do it, other than that they look great :o) Hopefully the rest of our windows will be trimmed out before the new year... but we'll see :o)

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