Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall is finally here!!

The first week of fall has brought on falling leaves, all over our back yard, and the crisp morning chill that we wait all summer for. This past week Brent and I both battled severe cold, Mine which is still lingering around in my lungs, and Brent's which has come and gone. This weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather we're still having to get some things done around the house. We've been debating on when to start our huge back yard project, and we'll, what better time than now? So, we spent the day tearing out our back deck! just the lower half, were going to keep the upper half until spring, when we'll hopefully replace the whole thing. Next weekend Brent's parents will be here (for his birthday!) to help out with the destruction of the rest of the yard. Were renting a bobcat and planning on scraping the top layers of gravel, rock, clay, and plastic, grading the yard, and bringing in top soil to prep for a new back yard! We do hope to lay a sprinkler system, maybe not this fall but in the spring, and after a winter of mud, hopefully we'll have beautiful new grass to enjoy next summer! I'll post some pics soon.

1 comment:

Dan, Nikki, Ellie and Colton said...

Okay you Seattlites are you working on the yard even though it's raining???? = )

Hope to get together with you guys soon!


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