Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inspired by Pinning ~ Pinterest project # 1

Hi. My name is Jess, and I'm slightly in love with Pinning.

Pinterest is my new found obsession... I love all the creativity that is flowing around those boards, some super smart, some super creative, and some just so darn cute! A few weeks ago I decided that it was time to tackle one of the many crafty ideas I had pinned onto my bedroom board, New DIY headboards for our bedroom. Which go adorably with our new bed from here! So, I went out around Boise, in search of the perfect supplies for my project, wood, batting, and a beautiful fabric. We already had the staple gun and staples (Brent actually has 3 staple guns...) and I ended up having to go back to JoAnn Fabrics for hangers... but after 2 trips out for forgotten supplies, I was finally able to put these beautiful new pieces of art together. So, here's how it went...

Lay boards out along folded batting. I used a king size extra fluffy bag of batting, folded into 3rds, and then laid out my 4 24"x24" pieces of half inch thick plywood, being sure to space them a few inches apart, then cut and smooth batting.

Fold batting along edges and staple with gun, I used alternating staples, horizontally and vertically, just in case some decided to pull. 

Smooth the batting somewhat taught as you go along, so you don't leave creases or wrinkles on the front.

When your all done, you can trim the excess batting to make sure it's not too bulky. Also trim the corner folds so they are not too bulky either.

Finished batting covered boards!

lay your fabric (I used a twill style thicker upholstery fabric) print side down on the floor, you can iron if it is especially wrinkly, I didnt as you can see above... but it smooths out when you pull and staple it tightly. 

Be sure if you have a print that it is laid level along the print, I didn't on the first one and had to redo part of it... 

Fold fabric over batting, and staple at the edge of the batting, so there is a nice little tuft along the edge of the board. I put staples every inch to inch and a half apart, just to be sure it wouldn't tear or pull. 

Staples placed about an inch and a half apart. Continue folding fabric along each side, tucking corners in at the end. I forgot to take pictures of how I tucked the corners, i'll add those when I finish the last two boards this weekend.

Some of the finished boards!!!

I chose two contrasting colors, they look so great staggered on the wall!!

 I'll be hanging and finishing up this Pinterest project this coming weekend, Stay tuned and check back in a few days for the final reveal! :)

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Chelsea said...

I can't wait to see the final results of this project! I've been dying to do this-- our bed looks so weird without a headboard!


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