Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh what a summer

My goodness! I told myself a dozen times that I needed to update the blog, but things have been so crazy the last few weeks, so here goes.

One of the big reasons I hadnt posted was because for awhile our laptop was crashing, about 10 times a day. we finally figured out it was overheating and shutting down, so we bought a new cooling pad, and I think it fixed the problem, cause it hasnt crashed in a couple of weeks now :o)

This summer has just gone by way to quick! Brent and I didnt get to camp as much as we'd hoped. Now that we have a nice, comfortable backyard to enjoy, we never really wanted to go anywhere. So we BBQ'd and enjoyed it, even on the really hot, uncomfortable days. Abby loves
her new yard too, she's always content just laying in the grass doing nothing, it's cool and comfy and it's her's.

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