Friday, August 28, 2009

Many of you have asked to see new shots of the yard, so here goes. Below, our strawberry plants! We didnt have a very big crop come in, and they yeilded very tiny berries, so hopefully next year we'll have better luck.

Brent has been waiting patiently for weeks now to pick the first tomatoes off the vine and eat them while they are still warmly kissed by the sun. He talks about eating them as a little boy, and how his mom couldnt hardly get any tomatoes to cook with because Brent and Dane would pick them and eat them all the time. So he is super excited that our tomatoes are plentiful and finally turning red.

Lilly has been enjoying time outside almost every day. She stays in on the really hot days, but we try to get her out in the morning and evenings cooler temps. She has her favorite spot under the cherry tree where the bird bath is, and her cat plants are. She lays between the plants and watches the birds land in the tree. I think she wants to get one of them, but doesnt know how, lol.

A beautiful evening shot of the new yard! Notice all the wonderful shade our big trees provide!

So, A few weeks ago, a big wind and rain storm came up on us out of nowhere. It wasnt on the news, and one minute I was outside taking down the laundry (we have a clothesline now!) and the next I heard Abby yelp and the sound of glass crashing down. She was unharmed and unsettled, and our glass top metal frame table was now covering the whole deck. The wind had picked up the umbrella and twisted it, then slammed it down and shattered the glass top and bent the frame. We were so bummed! It was not a great time to have to buy a table, and most tables come with chairs as well, which we just would not be able to afford. So we cleaned up the mess, calmed Abby and Lil down, and said we would worry about it later. Well, the next week, we decided on Sunday to go look around and see what we could find. We went to a couple of consignment shops (and boy are they spendy!) and to Home Depot and Lowes. We were feeling unsuccessful when we stopped in at Barnes and Noble for a coffee and some magazine time. As we were leaving, I talked Brent into stopping at Cost Plus/World Market, he didnt want to go in, so I told him to just stay in the car if he wanted. I got out and he followed, and we both stopped in our tracks! There by the front door, was a big cardboard box, containing a beautiful teakwood table! It had just been returned a few hours before, and the coolest part!? The sign on the front saying "$60" !!! So I sent Brent to get the truck, and I stayed with the table, and looked around the store. We were so lucky with this find, and have been so happy with the table so far!

Brent enjoying an evening on the back deck in our beautiful new yard.

Abby posing for a shot in the yard

The first week after laying the sod, We found these little visitors enjoying a shady spot for their nap. Brent was thankful he didnt just let Abby out like we normally do in the morning. The ducks hung around for a few hours that day, and have not returned since, although we would love it if they did.

Another shot of Lil enjoing her little island paradise.

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