Friday, December 19, 2008

We Made it!

Well, we were somewhat worried about today. We left at 9am this morning, hoping that the extra hour would give the sun sometime to warm the roads and melt the snow. It kinda worked! Oregon was the worst part. Heading into La Grande was pretty icy, but managable, but heading out of La Grande just got worse. The Blues, or Meachum and dead man's pass, were very slick! and the 6% grade heading down into Pendleton was slippery as well. Chains were required for all semi-trucks, but not for us, thankfully, we had them and we were very prepared, overly, but are so thankful it wasnt bad enough to use them. Once we got past the blinding wind (which was blowing snow so hard! we could hardly see in some spots!) the drive turned out pretty great, Washington was the best part! Snoqualmie pass was dry mostly, but people were still nervous and went about 40 mph the whole way, so it still took us a good 10 hours to get here from Boise!

What a long day! were just so happy to be here! Abby is running around finding all the toys and Lilly is still nervous because of the other cats in the house... but she'll warm up soon. Brent is excited to go duck hunting some place new, and i'm just excited to see family and friends!

Blessings to everyone for a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year!!

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