Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little update :o)

This past weekend (October 16th-19th) I was finally able to attend the Infant Massage Certification course I had been trying to attend for over a year! It was wonderful!! I flew into Seattle Wednesday night and class started Thursday morning. I met some wonderful people and made some special friends, and loved learning how to teach parents how to massage their infants. It was such a special and personal course, the connection between a parent and their child is amazing, and being able to teach parents this special technique is something I am humbled to do.
My first class starts this coming Monday, This will be my practicum class, so these are all technically volunteers for me to practice teaching and then they will evaluate the class and i'll be passed or not... hopefully passed :o) I'm working with several friends and their babies, and i'm so excited to be able to bring this to Boise! I also met a wonderful lady with twins on the plane ride home, who happened to evesdrop over my work I was doing and signed up immediately! :o) After the 5 week practicum class I'll send in my exam and all the evaluations from parents, and hopefully with about another 5 week turn around on exams, i'll get my certification to teach!!.... and get paid for it. :o) So far I am the only one in Boise that I know of, i've googled, looked in the phonebook, asked around, and cant seem to find anyone else that does this, so I'm really hoping i'm the first, and can get a successful business going. so I guess all I can say is... Wish me luck!!!

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