Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Wedding

I am overjoyed to share that my little sister is now married!! Congrats Pam and Kyle!! I'm so excited for them to start the amazing journey that marriage is, and seriously, my new BIL is pretty fantastic. Stella already adores him, she especially loves that he has boats at his house all the time and sometimes he lets her go on them, he's pretty cool. I wanted to share some photos of the day from their photographer, Bill at Select Photography. He's pretty amazing, and captured some great moments that day. I was blessed to be Matron of Honour, cause really, what choice did Pammy have. ;) It was a lot of fun helping her plan, and had it's share of stress involved, but thankfully she hired a wedding planner, and things couldn't have gone more perfect... except when the Bull got out of the fence and was up at the patio... yea that was fun. Pammy looked incredible, and her bridal party wasn't too shabby either, we all clean up pretty nice for fancy occasions. Enjoy some pics of their big day below, 

Congratulations Pam and Kyle!!! 

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