Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a little celebrating is in order

Meet Pam and Kyle :) 

Pam is my beautiful and awesome little sister. She moved to Vancouver, WA a few months back, and as soon as she left, we all said (we being my mom and I) that she would meet a guy and fall in love. Welp... It's happened! Kyle and Pam met earlier this summer and well, you know how the saying goes right? It was kinda sorta love at first sight. Both of them knew without a doubt they wanted to be together, and thankfully, neither of them were shy about acting on their love or talking about it. They are in the perfect time of their lives, and fortunately those lives have meshed very well so far. 

Kyle proposed to my little sister on September 18th, and I am so thrilled to say they will be married next August!! I'm so happy for them both, and already truly enjoy Kyle being apart of our family, he is hilarious! I cannot wait to get to know him more, and am so very thankful that my sister found someone who treats her right and that she has fun with, they are actually pretty perfect together. 

My mom and I have both always agreed that Pam would meet someone, fall in love, and get married pretty quick, and, well, we were right! The heart wants what the heart wants, and why waste time with a long engagement if you're both in the right place in your lives? Why not commit to spending the rest of your life with someone who makes you laugh and makes you outrageously happy? You do have the rest of your lives to learn about that person. Heck, Brent and I are celebrating 10 years together this christmas and we're still finding things out about each other! As long as you know the important things thats all that matters. 

Now all you two have to do is take a long multi state road trip! 

Look at that sparkler! and yes, he proposed on the beach :) 

Congratulations Pam and Kyle!!!

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