Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summer adventures

So I realized something today. It has been over a month since my last post... and today was the first day I really thought about it. I had been needed to take a break and not feel like I *had* to write a post, which I was feeling often over the last few months before taking a break. It's been so nice to step away and be able to come back when I wanted to. So on with our current summer happenings!

It's HOT!!! We've had record heat over the last week here in Boise, and it's kinda insane... i'm over it. We hit 112 on Monday, today was right at 100, and it's supposed to carry on like this for another week! Thank goodness we get to take a break this weekend and go to Seattle for my company picnic and some time with family. Our home does not have A/C and I have never wished for it before this week, we have a stand up unit that is constantly running in our bedroom and I've set up fans to push it down the hall to the living room, but it only lasts so long before the heat from outside permeates the windows and doors. It's so tough being cooped up, Stell hates being inside all day, so we try to play outside early for a few hours before closing up the house and hibernating in doors, the back deck is just too hot to play on, and even if I keep the pool in the shade it's too warm to hang out there much more than half an hour or so. Parks are out of the question in this heat also, so were stuck making frequent trips to the grocery store and walking around the mall if we want out. Thankfully we have a few friends who've invited us over this week to play in their a/c. 

In June Brent got sent on a long work trip to Wyoming, and Stell and I got to go with him! We had such a great time, although it was a lot of long driving, but baby girl did so well in the truck! We went to Pinedale, Wy, which is an adorable little town about an hour past the turn off to Jackson Hole. We didn't have any extra time to make our way up to Jackson, but definitely want to go back soon! It was beautiful! Stell and I spent an afternoon playing at a neat park in Pinedale while waiting for Brent to get done on his job site, then we loaded back up and drove to Montpelier, Idaho... whoop whoop! haha there really isn't anything exciting around Montpelier, unfortunately, and the babe and I were stranded there for a full day while Brent visited two jobs... Thankfully the town has a big park and Oregon trail museum, with a cool actor portrayed tour that took up almost an hour! They also have an elementary school within walking distance of the big park, so we went back and forth a few times to enjoy the different toys. Stell napped on my back in the wrap a few times thankfully, so she wasn't super cranky for most of the day. But it also meant that she didn't end up sleeping on the drive home until we were only about an hour out of Boise... it's 5+ hours from Monpelier to Boise... so we had 4 hours of a very moody/cranky/over being in the car baby. We had a really great trip though, and will do that drive again one day! But we'll be sure to pack three times the amount of books and toys :) Enjoy some pics from our trip below, 

The squirrels in this park in Idaho Falls were SUPER friendly, no fear of coming right up to us and asking for food! good thing I had 12 grain bread to share... 

We stayed at the Hampton inn, Pinedale, and it was fantastic!! The whole area is beautiful, and this hotel was only a few years old, had a great pool to play in, was on the edge of town, and had beautiful views... this one is from our room! 

She was SO excited to go swimming!! 

Playing at the park in Pinedale, we just wandered the grass and trees and played, she loves roaming and checking out new things. 

and they had a small ampatheatre that was great for climbing up and down repeatedly. 

I had a lot of time to take pictures from the truck, and the views were incredible the whole way. 

She was a fantastic traveler! Especially if we hit nap times 

Eating dinner one night at Lott's diner, Stell ate like a champ at this place thankfully

I need to keep an eye out on ebay for these cool metal horseswings, she wouldnt get off them!

So fun!

sign to Jackson! one day I will get to go there... 

once again, nap time

loved this setting, had to take a pic of the log house on the other side of the bridge

The Grand Tetons

More of the Tetons

Afton, Wyoming, one of the coolest town entrances I've ever seen... it's all elk antlers! 

beautiful rolling hills on the way to Montpelier, Idaho

Small baby, big country

Standing at the tallest point above Montpelier, Idaho, Bear Lake is in the distant background

Checking out the view

So happy to be helping daddy, we had to go up and check out one of his job site's the night before we had to be there,  It was a long drive up but had amazing views once we got there. 

"here are some rock samples dad!"

helping take samples of the soil... and flowers

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