Friday, May 18, 2012

What we've been up to

I thought i'd share some of what we've been enjoying around here as of late, it's been so beautiful out, so warm, and we just cant seem to get enough time outside. Our garden is in full bloom, we've even been able to enjoy a few fresh strawberries, Stella really enjoys picking and eating those, it's amazing how happy a fresh berry can make this girl. Have I mentioned what all were growing this year? We'll here's a list, Lettuce... which grows like a weed here, we have already almost harvested all the heads and they are now growing back!, potatoes, snap peas, tomatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli, sugar baby watermelons, green squash, yellow squash, okra, chives, sage, basil, rosemary, parsley, cilantro, and thyme! Our garden is huge and packed this year and I love it! In years past I've been wary of over planting things, but this year I actually sat down with my vegetable gardeners bible book, read through every veggie we wanted to plant, and figured out what to plant when and where, and my goodness our garden is thriving! We also turned in a bunch of compost and Starbucks coffee grinds (magic black richness!) to get our soil into better shape, because it's very clayey and rocky. So anywho, our garden is pretty awesome, Stell loves it, and so do we. 

We've been enjoying a lot of yogurt pops here also, Stell digs em, she'll sit and eat an entire pop usually! Especially on a warmer day, she loves them, she also loves painting the deck with the last bit if she's done, so our deck has been getting washed a lot haha. she's actually a pretty good pop eater, I know every kid is messy, but Stell seems to get most of it in her mouth instead of all over her, she gets a very minimal amount on her face, as you can see below, clean up is usually just a spray of the hose, which she loves.

Here are the strawberries!! Stell cant stay out of them, we've lost quite a few flowers and green buds to her over excitement about the berries, she'll learn. 

More pops! and see our garden in the background!?! the big stuff is broccoli, no heads yet but they will show up soon we hope. and below is the lettuce, herb, and strawberry beds, the planter next to me is filled with cilantro and parsley, yum! my face isnt the best haha, but Stell's is priceless! she was hamming it up for dad with the camera! 

See, hammy little girl. She's so stinkin cute ;) 

Hope your having as much fun this spring as we are! 

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Rachel said...

Adorable! And I love your garden! Our strawberries from last year are doing great again this season, but most of our veggies were neglected this planting season :( Can't wait to garden more. I love that Stella loves to pick and eat strawberries!


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