Monday, September 12, 2011

6 Months and Growing!!!


Today we celebrate your first, half birthday! Yes, this is something we do in our family. It unofficially started a few years ago, because your auntie and I share half birthdays on our birthdays... my half birthday is on her birthday, and vice versa... it's kinda become a fun little thing that I wanted to carry on with you. No gifts, maybe some cupcakes, and lots of loves and celebrating. This is quite a huge milestone for all of us! The 6 month mark is something all parents look forward too, half a year old, it's kinda a big deal. and let me tell you, this month? You've got a whole lotta new things under your belt. 

You are a rolling over fool. Seriously, we'll put you down for some naked time, and next thing we know your on your back, 2 seconds later, then tummy again, then back, then you've scooched yourself right under the ottoman... kinda like you've backed into your own little parking garage. Thank goodness your chunky little legs don't fit under the couch, or else we'd find you in many more new parking spots around the living room. 

You prefer to 'walk'. Seriously. You would much rather be standing on your own two feet, holding our hands and walking around on your own, than any tummy time or back time or sitting time. It's not going to be long before your up and running. Literally. 

Did you notice how in the above paragraph I mentioned sitting time? Yep. You are now officially a sitter! You can pretty much hold your own now, sometimes with a little wobble, and for some reason whenever daddy is sitting on the floor with you, you tend to face plant forward or fling yourself onto your back... but you've pretty much got it down. You love sitting in the bath too... which is kinda scary and kinda fun for all of us. Daddy called me into the bathroom last night (he always does bath time, it's your special time together) and was cracking up, because you had turned around in your infant seat, and were trying to escape the tub by climbing the seat. He tried several times to turn you around, and you'd grab the side, flip back over, and proceed to stand and climb... you were so determined! You do this a lot now, try to turn yourself around to stand up or climb up what ever your sitting on. Were just waiting for the moment you lunge forward and start crawling.... it'll be happening anytime now. 

You are such a happy girl almost all the time now. We are greeted to a huge gummy smile almost every morning in bed, It's the sweetest thing ever... until you grab my hair and squeal as you yank it, or roll and kick your daddy's back, he loves waking up like that, really, he does. Sometimes you like to wake up a tad bit earlier than we plan, like, say, 5am... especially on weekends. We chat with you, change your diaper, play with the sheets, and usually within 45 minutes or so, you'll want to nurse and fall right to sleep. As long as we don't have any early plans that is just fine, but I still prefer your regular wake up time of 7:30ish. You're going to sleep most nights in your own crib in your own room now, and you take every single nap in there too. You fall asleep between 8 and 9pm, and wake up to feed around midnight every night, if i'm super tired, i'll just bring you to bed with us, if I'm somewhat alert, i'll sit in the rocking chair with you until fall back to sleep. I love our snuggle time, but sometimes I don't love that it's at 3 am, we've got to kick that nursing time very soon, cause mama wants to get a better nights sleep. I'm really hoping that as fall starts to arrive, and nights start getting cooler, you will become a better sleeper. We've noticed you sleep best when it's cool in the room, and you're snuggled into your sleep sack, for some reason you sleep better all warm and snuggly, but, no surprise, so do I. 

Your daddy and I cannot believe that 6 months has gone by so quickly! I know I say this every month, but it really feels like we just brought you home yesterday. I don't think anything could have prepared us for this precious time to go by so fast with you.You are becoming quite the little girl, no longer just a baby, long past a newborn or an infant, you are a tiny human, as we affectionately like to call you. People tell me all the time how beautiful you are, and are shocked to learn you are only just 6 months, I am told all the time that your features make you look more like an 8 month old, and that you act much older, and are much much more coordinated than other 6 month olds they know. I love that you are growing into such an amazing little girl, but am sad that my baby wont be a baby for much longer. I'm sure these next six months will go by even faster, and we'll be celebrating your first birthday very soon. Until that time though, we continue to enjoy every smile, every laugh, every coo, every sweet embrace that you give us. We look forward to your happy reaches to us when transferring from mommy to daddy or vice versa, I love seeing your face light up when daddy walks through the door every evening, I love how excited you get when Abby chases a toy, and how much you study her when she brings it back. I love how you interact with your animals now, open arms and mouth when Abby kisses you, and using her as a jungle gym when she's laying next to you, and how you reach for Lilly, pulling her ears, fur, and any other part of her you can get a hold of... even if she doesn't love it, she still tolerates it for a bit.

You make mine and daddy's hearts smile baby girl. You are our little, our love, and we are so thankful for you being in our lives. We love you Stella Jean.

Mommy and Daddy

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4little1s said...

Great photos, your little one looks oooo cute. Love the chair, where did you get it from ?


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